“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

--Marianne Williamson

Recent Continuing Education Examples

Lifespan Integration I and II - Peggy Pace LMHC, LMFT

The Inner Observer:  Where Neuroscience and Spirituality Meet:  Helen Palmer

Mindfulness in Psychotherapy - Dan Siegel PhD and Jack Kornfield PhD

Journey to Soul - Sheila Belanger MA and Anne Hayden

The NEW Rules of Marriage - Terrence Real, LCSW

Enneagram Subtypes in Relationships - Renie Hope LMHC and Carol Ruth Summers LMFT

Ayurveda and Psychology - Kumudini Shoba MS

New Perspectives on Desire - David Schnarch, PhD

The Dynamics of Vital Relationships - David Daniels, MD

Effective Strategies for GLB Clients: Practical Approaches for Clinical Work

The Neuroscience of Trauma and EMDR for Stablization; and 8 Stage Protocol for Reprocessing

Internal Family Systems Approach - Richard Schwartz PhD

Using Compassionate Communication (NVC) in Everyday Life - Holly Eckert

About Me

With over fifteen years of experience working in education and social services, my journey working profoundly with people from many walks of life has been rich thus far. My deep respect for the uniqueness of each person, is complimented by my passion for understanding and exploring our common human condition.  I have been working in private practice for twelve years.

My education includes a Masters in Applied Behavioral Science with (Systems Counseling) from LIOS/Bastyr University, and a Masters in Education from the University of Washington.  I hold a Washington State Mental Health Counselor license (LMHC).  I am guided by the AAMFT Code of Ethics, and am bound by the Washington State codes of practice.  I am an Accredited Professional with the International Enneagram Association.

I enjoy nature, singing, poetry, yoga, my family, and many other things. I have been married for fifteen years, and have three children, one of whom has Down Syndrome.

By its nature, choosing a therapist is a very personal decision.  Finding a good match can make all the difference.  Often people get a gut feeling about who to choose to work with.
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