The Enneagram

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Enneagram in Greek means nine pointed diagram.  This symbol and the system of knowledge associated with it are both known as the Enneagram.  It is a modern synthesis of many ancient wisdom traditions and is informed by the best of modern psychology.

Today it is usually taught as a system of looking at nine distinct human personality lenses.  However, it is said also to represent much broader patterns of creation and development at every level of life.

For many, learning the Enneagram leads to dramatically increased self-awareness, more compassion for others, more effectiveness at work, accelerated personal growth, and more satisfying relationships.

Enneagram Services

Workshops, Trainings, and Consulting  I offer workshops locally, and do group and organizational trainings by appointment.

Coaching In person, by phone or online, I tailor our sessions to your goals and offer you practical ideas and profound understanding.

Type Exploration  Not sure which point of view fits you best?  We’ll explore which are most likely, and what will help you confirm yours.

Groups Explore themes in more depth and as they apply to your life.  Learn from the other “experts” in the group in fun and meaningful ways.

Therapy Gain insight, break through stuck patterns, or see things from a new perspective.  The amount of Enneagram content in sessions is as much or as little as a client desires.


"“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.”

-- Lao Tzu

Enneagram Tests

The Enneagram test I recommend is one by Daniels and Price and is available in book form or online for $10.  

Most online tests cannot accurately determine your type, as it is the motivation behind your tendencies that matters most.  

Even the test I recommend may not make it clear right away which is your dominant type.  If you would like help determining your type, consider scheduling a type exploration interview with me.  

Another test that is simple and interesting is Wagner’s Ennea-graph.  

Keep in mind that even the  most self-aware among us we don’t always know what drives us.
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