Client Testimonials

"After several failed attempts to find a therapist that suited me, I was so fortunate to find Sarah Walston.  Working with Sarah made me feel understood, possibly for the first time in my life, and her vast knowledge and compassion helped me acquire the tools necessary to achieve happiness I had not known before.  I am more in control of my life and am not just reacting to life around me - I am really living it!"  --MW

“I think one of the aspects of our working together that has been most incredible to me is the way in which you are so versatile, so able to draw on different “techniques,” different theories, different approaches.  It’s in this way that you are able to draw me out of my mind and more fully into my heart and gut.”  --RF

“Working with you has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life.  When I think about the teachers/mentors I’ve had for whom I have reverence, you’re among those handful of people because you have changed, in a significant way, how I want to be in this world.” --JL

“The work that I’ve done with you has been a valuable experience for me.  I have acquired some tools and learned quite a few coping skills that can be applied to many aspects of my life, for the rest of my life.” --MV

“With a nonjudgmental attitude you made it easy to open up and share what was going on in my life.  I appreciate you letting me come to my own conclusions but gently guiding me toward my heart’s desire.  I feel that you’ve been an outstanding therapist and I would recommend you to any close friend in need of an ear and guidance.” --SK

“I am awed by the ways in which you have not only met the needs I knew I had, but pushed me beyond those needs toward deeper discovery, toward a point where I think about what I want and not just what I need.... There has never been a time in which I haven’t felt fully and completely supported by you and by our work.  And that support, the kindness, sweetness, and generosity with which you have given me your support has enabled me to move forward.  I know that; I feel it, every day.” --RF

“As a therapist, I find you to be very present and attentive, kind and compassionate.  You have wonderful insight that is delivered with gentle, steady clarity.”  --JA

“You invent great metaphors, or help me think of metaphors to describe what I’m feeling. This is always very helpful! It’s easier to describe feelings in pictures than it is in plain words.” --ZC

“I found your flexibility and range in conversations to be helpful.  Your sense of humor was a great balance to the earnestness you showed.... there was rarely a moment when you were not present with me.  You seemed to know when to push me and when to not. Most of all, I’m thankful you’ve engaged me in what has become as much a spiritual practice and journey as a mental one.” --JL

“When I think about [therapy with Sarah], I don't know quite how to put it.  Everything worked, even the stuff that didn't feel like it worked still worked and worked on me.” --JH

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